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Quarterback Weight Training - 3 Training Methods For Quarterbacks

By John Wheeler
The quarterback used to be known as the weakest of all the players on the field, but the modern quarterback, like so many other athletes is a different breed. The need to build muscle, strength and power are more important now than ever and so players and coaches alike are adopting weight training programs to help quarterbacks get bigger and play better. However, many folks are concerned about the effect that quarterback weight training programs can have on their overall performance, and this is particularly true of the quarterback who relies on their throwing arm. Can weight training for quarterbacks reduce arm flexibility and make throwing more difficult?

Routines For Weight Lifting - 3 Things Every Weight Lifting Routine Needs

By Ryan Riley
Building muscle goes beyond just lifting heavy weights over and over again. In reality, a great weight training routine actually has several dimensions. When trying to build lean muscle mass you always need to remember proper diet, weekly cardio exercises, maintaining proper hydration, and resting 8 to 10 hours each and every day.

Setting Goals - A Guide to Weight Lifting Success

By Wanda St Tremaine
Our lives are all so busy with the responsibilities of work and family there is no lack for excuses about why we can't fulfill on our exercise programs or beginning a weight lifting routine. That is why staying focused on obtaining a strong healthy body through strength training or weight lifting routines takes a truckload of determination.

Weight Lifting Regimen

By Tyson Paradis
There are tons of regimens online and in magazines. Because of this, it's very easy to get confused when trying to pick the right one. Here are five tips to get you started in the right direction: